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Dear NHS Patient...

Dear NHS Patient...

The Current Situation for NHS Dental Patients

Today the Clinical Director of Dentistry penned the following letter:

Dear NHS patient,
The impact of Covid-19 has disrupted every aspect of our life for some time now and attending the dentist is no different as many of you will have already experienced. Routine treatment as we all knew it ceased in March when the Chief Dental Officer closed all dental practices as part of the lockdown measures imposed by Scottish

Since then there has been a gradual re-introduction of some limited NHS dental treatment in your practice mainly aimed at alleviating pain and discomfort.

During this time of restricted treatment availability, your practice has put in place some very significant and necessary changes to ensure the safety of patients and staff alike as we battle against virus transmission and, the robustness of these processes, is what is allowing dental treatment to continue here in Lanarkshire
despite our heightened restrictions.

On the 12th October, Scottish Government announced the return of routine treatment to dental practices as of 1st November. This does not however mean that dental services are back to business as usual as the processes and procedures put in place to mitigate against virus transmission are still in force and indeed are more important than ever currently. The consequence of this is that your dentist will only be able to see a significantly lower number of patients in a day in order to keep everyone safe.

Your dentist will use their professional judgement to prioritise patients according to their knowledge of the particular clinical situation to ensure that those most at risk if treatment is further delayed will be seen soonest. If you are experiencing pain that will continue to be a priority and you should contact your dentist for advice and care as appropriate.

Unfortunately, there will be no return to routine examinations for all patients in the near future and I would ask that you show some patience as your dentist strives to deal with those most in need first.

Yours sincerely

Anne Moore
Director of Dentistry
NHS Lanarkshire

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