Lockdown Hygiene
Lockdown Hygiene

Lockdown Hygiene

Brush up on your dental hygiene during lockdown

An easy to use kit to help you temporarily repair lost fillings, caps, and more
Only £8.99

  • The same ingredients used by dentists   
  • Eugenol - helps to anaethetise and disinfect the affected area   
  • Easy to use dual ended applicator and spade tool
  • Tooth saver - Protects when placed on broken or whole tooth
  • Temparin Max - a temporary remedy for replacing a lost filling, cap, crown or inlay

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How to handle your dental hygiene during lockdown

Maintain your usual dental hygiene routine, including brushing your teeth at least twice a day with an electric toothbrush.
Flossing once a day is especially important if you can’t visit the hygienist, to help prevent gum disease.
Eat a healthy balanced diet, being mindful of sugar and acidic fruit on tooth enamel.
Help children keep up their normal routine, and make sure you start brushing young baby's teeth as soon as they come through.
Make sure you have a dental first aid kit at home so you can relieve pain until you’re able to see a dentist if you unexpectedly lose any fillings, caps or crowns.

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